When vibration is a challenge we can help. We devise solutions that reduce vibration and total cost of ownership, improving reliability, efficiency and comfort.


Our solutions extend life and reduce fleet costs. Through more effective energy management utilising our Thermal Energy Management System, TEMS, or resisting constant loadings with NDure low-creep technology, reducing track stress with Lighter Modular Components or enabling in-service performance data with D2K technology, we provide tangible benefits; reducing costs and increasing periodicity.


We can control vibration, reduce stress and intelligently transform energy to add value. We work face2face to deliver practical solutions – such as D2K technology alerting manufacturers to in-field user service issues or ensuring OEM spares are employed. The result: a significant reduction in excessive warranty and field service claims, and greater transparency to reduce costs and boost efficiency – all while improving the end user’s comfort and operating experience.


In extreme environments, our intelligent innovations deliver safety and reliability. Lightweight, high-performance compounds and components maximise performance in challenging conditions while eliminating the need for in-field servicing. We maximise mobility and minimise vibration for a safer and more comfortable ride – when it matters most.


Industry demands robust performance and durability. Calling on knowledge, materials and technology gained from aerospace R&D programmes, our range of anti-vibration components bring new levels of performance and value to industrial applications. Each product is custom-manufactured to meet specific requirements to maximise your industrial operations.

Our Solutions

A critical part of face2face Engineering is how we work together to overcome not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s too. Innovation is integral to our DNA, creating solutions that deliver a lifetime of reliability, cost savings and energy optimisation.

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