A continuous commitment to R&D. A range of proprietary material, mechanical and sustainable solutions. A future-facing ethos that blends vibration control with intelligent energy management. These and more set our XSILenz™ vibration control products above and beyond the competition. To find out more about any of our solutions, simply contact us today


Our full range of primary and secondary suspension springs are engineered for high loads, and lateral, vertical and longitudinal forces. Available in all configurations, including conical, featuring NDure low-creep compounds for improved life under constant loads, or modular technology for ease of overhaul and reduced total cost of ownership, we maximise performance and reliability.

Bushes & Ball Joints

Our cylindrical bushes and ball joints are custom-designed to suit a range of radial, axial and torsional loadings. Life or service loadings can also be significantly enhanced with our Thermal Energy Management System (TEMS).


Designed to withstand bending forces, stop vehicle body roll and enhance performance, our stabilisers are precision-machined to reduce stress and improve reliability. The range includes links, torsion and anti-roll bars for critical applications. Our engineering teams are also capable of significantly reducing weight via our modular technology.


Supporting ever-increasing loads, our flexible range of engine mounts controls vibration and dissipates energy. Product life can also be enhanced with NDure low-creep technology.

Fabrications & Assemblies

Designed to perform reliably in all types of critical equipment, our assemblies enhance equipment while reducing lifetime costs. Our TEMS technology and modular approach help to reduce component weight, and can even extend life significantly, minimising track stress within the suspension system. At Silentbloc we also offer full cradle-to-grave refurbishment, returning products to OE standards.


Our proprietary, high-performance, water-lubricated bearings are designed to maximise equipment life and reliability in submersion or piped liquid applications. Using composite, steel or brass materials, their low friction loss and shaft wear deliver exceptional noise and vibration absorption. They’re also easy to install, whether in a propeller shaft or a rudder system.


Working face2face with you, we can custom-design and manufacture components for unique applications, to deliver flexibility, reliability, longer life, enhanced performance and cost savings in anything from industrial machinery to aerospace equipment. By designing a custom component, we can even optimise energy within the system, powering sensors and equipment to deliver data and greater control.

Future facing

A critical part of face2face Engineering is how we work together to overcome not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s too. Innovation is integral to our DNA, creating solutions that deliver a lifetime of reliability, cost savings and energy optimisation.

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