Our Approach

Silentbloc, part of Applied Composites Group, is a vibration control and energy management specialist. Our products not only manage vibration, throughout the system, but spearhead intelligent solutions too.

Our know-how in the dynamics of vibration, materials and processes, alongside our investment in technology, is supported by our unique method of working – it’s how we operate that makes us different…

We work face2face with you and a host of partners, including NASA, the UK Catapult centres and universities including Derby University’s award-winning Institute for Innovation and Sustainable Engineering, to drive advanced manufacturing strategies. Through these face2face partnerships, we fast-track cutting-edge technologies from concept through extensive qualification testing, into real implementation. By working face2face, dynamically and collaboratively, we make our global solutions truly world leading.

By harvesting kinetic energy from vibration within our products, it can be harnessed to power enablers that can provide actual performance data. As data collection builds, the knowledge gained provides the very backbone of effective cost reduction, enhanced performance, increased sustainability and competitive advantage.

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Smarter solutions for greater sustainability

We build sustainability into our solutions, through material design and selection, and excellence in process repeatability. However, our intelligent components go several steps further and, with our unique ‘Data to Knowledge’ (D2K) process, we provide the know-how to enable real-time condition monitoring, so you can continually optimise product and system design and performance.

Vibration products function by transforming significant kinetic energy (displacement movement) into thermal energy. It is this thermal energy that has traditionally been the primary cause of failure, as it breaks down polymer chain links. To combat this, we have extensive heat protection systems designed into our compounds, which have made us a world leader in vibration control over the last 100 years.

At Silentbloc our designs go further, providing you with enhanced performance and some of the most reliable and consistently performing products in the industry. Using TEMS technology, we design components that manage the thermal cycle and operate at lower temperatures, leading to enhanced, longer life and higher loading performance.

Our intelligent products, known as D2K, are at the forefront of technology and work by capturing thermal energy and transforming it into electrical energy. In turn, the electrical energy is used to power devices, such as sensors or monitors, creating a wealth of actual in-service performance data. The Data generated leads to Knowledge and the ability to make more informed, intelligent decisions to transform total system performance – and therefore your business. It's all harnessed from vibration; an altogether more sustainable approach.

Material innovation for longer equipment life

We use composite materials that reduce weight by 50% – a key factor in cost-per-kilometre for vehicle operators.

In vibration control, heat generation can be a major issue that can lead to reduced life, increased operating costs and even total product failure. Each component, in operation, has a unique thermal signature. At Silentbloc, we manage and embrace that thermal signature so that it is no longer a design constraint, but can enhance performance. Drawing on our expertise, our products can be significantly lighter than any product in service today, by using aerospace-grade materials and effectively managing the thermal cycle.

With over 150 years’ experience, we are also a world leader in polymer materials. Our new patented NDure compound, for example, significantly enhances CREEP RESILIENCE – minimising wear and lowering total cost of ownership. In this example and countless more, we continually optimise our materials to keep your equipment functioning reliably and over longer lifetimes.

Mechanical innovation through a modular approach

Building on the use of new materials, and employing the latest manufacturing strategies, many of our solutions now benefit from a modular approach. This eliminates the need to replace whole parts, reducing the total through-life cost of your whole system – in turn, enhancing your competitiveness and ability to win business.

Product modularity enables faster, more cost-effective replacement, repair and refurbishment. The longevity granted by this flexible approach has a positive impact on sustainability – making Silentbloc a more agile partner for your vibration and energy challenges.

Through smart design, stronger, lighter components, and real-time condition monitoring, we drive down your total cost of ownership.

Our Solutions

A critical part of face2face Engineering is how we work together to overcome not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s too. Innovation is integral to our DNA, creating solutions that deliver a lifetime of reliability, cost savings and energy optimisation.

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